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Rhonda Moore and her 5 children, Cory, Noah, Cody, Randa & Autumn

Pony Passion Ranch is located in Cookeville, Tennessee and  family owned and operated by Rhonda Moore and  five children, Cory Looper,  Noah Looper, Cody Brewer, Randa Brewer and Autumn Brewer. Our pastures are painted many colors with the beautiful ponies and horses. We've all shown in horse, mule and pony shows all over Tennessee. The three youngest children rodeo all around the south. Horses have been in our lives all of our lives.

 Our breeding program promotes gentle, quite ponies with super dispositions and lots of color.  They are introduced to everything, starting the moment they are born. We assist with all foalings at Pony Passion Ranch. These ponies make excellent childrens mounts.

We have a variety of ponies that range from your trail riding ponies, barrel racers, pleasure ponies, working ponies to show ring ponies.