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Many ponies have galloped across our farm leaving little hoofprints on our hearts.

One such pony was our beloved Maude.

Maude went onto greener pastures in August 2007.

She won the heart of every child that rode her! She was the most gentle and trusted pony anyone had the pleasure to deal with.

She is missed by everyone.


Maude had two foals.

Pixie filly- 2006

Sage filly-2007

Maude carried a flag in a grand entry.

Maude and her first foal Pixie.

Maudes history consisted of pony rides, show pony, pony racing, roping, working to a pony wagon, barrel racing, pole bending. Maude was a all-around pony! Maude had heart!

Maude gave pony rides on the carousel.